Former Offender Inititative

The following services are offered by your local NCWorks Career Centers:

The Former Offender Initiative (FOI) was created to ensure job seekers with criminal records are provided the resources they need to overcome the barriers to employment they face due to their record. The following services are offered by your local NCWorks Career Centers:

  • One-on-one assistance
  • Career assessments
  • Job interview, resume, and cover letter preparation
  • Referrals to jobs based on candidate’s qualifications
  • Information about employer’s hiring policies
  • Help locating resources to assist with a smooth transition from prison to community
  • Access to job fairs and group workshops

To access the online job bank or locate the nearest NCWorks Career Center visit the website:

Incentives for Employers Who Hire Former Offenders

The Federal Bonding Program provides insurance to employers who hire “at risk” workers, including those with criminal records. The hiring business is eligible for financial protection of $5,000 for six months after hiring a former offender. Former offenders are eligible for Federal Bonding. The hiring employer must contact an NCWorks Career Center or the State Bonding Coordinator listed below to take advantage of the program. For additional information you may also visit the Federal Bonding website at:

 Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides tax incentives for employers who hire former offenders and other target groups. The tax credit for each target group varies, but the total for an ex-felon could equal as much as $2,400. To qualify, the ex-felon has to be hired within one year of either a felony conviction or their release from prison.  Contact your local NCWorks Career Center for more information or visit the website: workforce/businesses/work-opportunity-tax-credit  and or the Dept. of Labor: business/incentives/opptax/

100-Day No Fault If you have to terminate a new employee within a 100-day period, your unemployment insurance account will not be charged. Applicable only to employees terminated within a 100-day period from the date of hiring, due to a bona fide inability to do the work. Employers must request non-charging by contacting the Division of Employment Security. Static?page=100DayGuarantee