Educational services for incarcerated male offenders

Transformation Journey, Inc. provides educational services for incarcerated male offenders in preparation for their transition back into public life and is currently being offered at Foothills Minimum Custody Unit (FMCU). All the inmates are invited to attend an informational meeting prior to the new semester. Those interested can register for the semester.  Class size is limited to 20 students, giving priority to those being released in the next 6-12 months. The Semester consists of a 13 week curriculum, meeting weekly in two-hour sessions focusing on critical life skills necessary for these individuals to make a successful transition back into society and ultimately reduce the rate of recidivism. All the material presented is Biblically based and Christ centered. A typical class schedule is shown below and may be modified to suit the students in any given semester.

Program participants (inmates) work in a team with class advisors (volunteers). Class sessions are informal, using a variety of presentation formats by a several different instructors. Students are given the opportunity and encouraged to be contributing participants. They have an opportunity to work in teams, share ideas, express their own questions, concerns, etc. Each team of 3-4 students has a class advisor who facilitates their Table Talk times.

Class Schedule

Week 1: Introduction to Transformation Journey Romans 12:2, Philippians 1:6 
Week 2: “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” – John Maxwell Seminar  
Week 3: Forgiveness 
Week 4: Building Self Esteem 
Week 5: Building Lasting Relationships Part 1 – Marriage
Week 6: Building Lasting Relationships – Part 2 – children, extended family, co-workers, etc.
Week 7: FELLOWSHIP NIGHT – Pastors’ Panel
Week 8: Employment Strategies, Part 1 
WEEK 9: Employment Strategies, Part 2 
Week 10: Employment Strategies Workshop 
Week 11: Money Management from the Bible –
Week 12: Practical Living, Am I being a Christian when I……..? 
Week 13 : Graduation and Certificate Dinner.