Local Service Providers



We are providing a helpful link to locate service providers in each county of North Carolina. There are 4 options.

In each instance you select a specific county by clicking on “Select County” and then click on “Submit ………..”

  1. In the first option you will see a complete list of all the service providers for that county.
  2. In the second option you will see the same complete list, with each provider expanded to show more details about their services, location, contact info, etc.
  3. The third option allows you to select a specific life area of interest, and see only the providers for that life area.
  4. The fourth option allows you to select both a specific life area and service type.

Here is the link which will open a page in the:

NC-DPS website: County Resource Guide – County Queries

The NC-DPS (North Carolina – Department of Public Safety) maintains this website and makes the information available to the general public on the internet.  Transformation Journey is only providing a link to that website in an effort to help former offenders and their families locate services in their area of the state of North Carolina to assist their successful transition back into society.